Giulio Cesare

Engineering at the service of beauty

Only few people possibly know that the typical Roman pavings were called VIA STRATA (paved road) from where the Italian STRADA, the English STREET and the German STRASSE as they were built according to a precise stratigraphic sequence. The ancient cart roads in Rome still represent a matchless and tangible proof of resistance, durability and above all deep knowledge of materials. Based on such strict building principles, the Italporphyry Giulio Cesare line with porphyry binders takes advantage of a wide technical know-how resulting from a century-old tradition to provide the most functional and versatile solutions that can be suitable for both roads with heavy traffic and pleasant pedestrian paths.

Technical data sheet porphyry binders

The Galileo Line is given by binders (blocks) in Trentino porphyry in natural surface, split edges free lengths for pavement to withstand the light traffic, vehicular and heavy.
Petrographic name Rhyolitic ignimbrite
Colour Non-dominant variable-colour grades: grey, red, red-violet and rust or mixed colours
Main processing Binders obtained by mechanical splitting of stratified material with a natural quarry of variable thickness. Squared formats with sides orthogonal to the plane
Width mm 100 from 50 to 80 from 150 to 400 18 Pedestrian
Light vehicle traffic
from 100 to 120
Width mm 100 from 80 to 110 from 150 to 400 22 Heavy vehicle traffic
from 150 to 160
Width mm 120 from 100 to 150 from 150 to 400 35 Heavy vehicle traffic
from 180 to 200