Linea Mia

Textures engraved with high precision

Everything that makes porphyry exstraordinary is today an extraordinary step forward with Linea Mia. A new, evolved engraving system. The same resistance and durability. Sinuous lines for a more enchanting result. A brighter alternative always rich in colors and a unique design that you recognize at first glance. This is Linea Mia.

Discover the textures


The historical flooring of the buried city comes back to life


Different compositions blend together harmoniously


A delicate, geometric, stylised flower


From a soft garment to a hard stone

Thanks to its physical and mechanical characteristics which enable it to stand up well to stress in any setting, Trentino porphyry has always been universally considered the finest material for use outdoors.

Non-slip in all its finishes, porphyry withstands frost, damp and sudden temperature changes. It is resistant to attacks by acids or liquids, de-icing salts, detergents, degreasers and soap. It also does not get marked or scratched.

Porphyry is, therefore, synonymous with strength, solidity and durability.

By exploiting a brand new technology that allows even the hardest stone to be shaped, we have demonstrated how porphyry can be invaluable in interior design too. With Linea Mia , we have reversed the thought process and widened the possibilities of its use.

There are fourtexture porphyry: : exclusively designed by Studio VLCS di Viviana Lunelli and created in three finishes: natural surface, flamed surface and the ultra-elegant brushed surface.


Black and white design of texture Pompei

The texture Pompei project

The texture resembles a frame that surrounds a contemporary geometric composition, but with an undeniable reference to the flooring of the most famous archaeological site in the world.

The geometry on the velvety surface

The porphyry texture that represents the discipline of a technical drawing on the most elegant of brushed surface finishes with an unmistakable waxed effect; ideal for walking on barefoot and softened by a cut that is virtually imperceptible to the touch, there is no limit to ways that the Pompei texture can be used in any interior flooring solution or on walls, or even in combination with other materials, including wood and ceramics.

Texture Pompei realizzazione con geometrie molto raffinate eseguita su superficie spazzolata


 Black and white Stylized graphical representation of texture Rapsodia

The texture Rapsodia project

In music, an instrumental composition, often a solo performance, in which multiple themes, almost always of popular origin, are performed freely. A rhapsody is a musical composition in a single movement which is free-flowing with variations. It does not follow a fixed pattern, but is presented as a set of melodic contrasts, which may be very different from one other in terms of rhythm and harmony, giving the composition an air of improvisation.
In the same way, the texture that has been developed is a composition of figures/marks that are reminiscent of different cultures and traditions, blended into a single harmony.

A texture to run your fingers over

A porphyry texture created by a combination of minuscule formats. The deliberately uneven nuances in the colouring of the elements makes the end result even more exclusive; one that only a natural stone can guarantee every time. The perception/perfection of detail makes the hardness of porphyry ideal for cutting with a high level of resolution.
Possible applications: small covered areas and window sills, decorative panels and multi-textures on walls or floors, thresholds, treads and stair risers, decorative borders and patterns; company logos, pool edges.

Texture Rapsodia realized on natural surface poprphyry


Black and white graphical representation of the texture Daphne

Il progetto della texture Daphne

La texture rappresenta un fiore stilizzato geometrico a 4 petali caratteristica che l’accomuna con la Daphne che presenta piccoli fiori, costituiti da 4 petali, di colore rosato, giallo o verdastro, che emanano un profumo intenso e gradevole.

Dahpne flowers

A porphyry texture created to enhance the brushed surface for installation in places where there is a contrast between light and shadow, a reflection on water, the sober indiscernible perception of forms.

Possible applications: small covered areas and window sills, bar and worktops, decorative panels and multi-textures on walls, thresholds, indoor stair risers, decorative borders and patterns.
The Daphne texture engraved on porphyry with a brushed surface

Texture Daphne engraved on porphyry with brushed surface


Stylised graphic representation of the Arlecchino texture in black and white

Project for the texture Arlecchino

The geometrical texture is reminiscent of the colourful, chequered garments worn by Harlequin (Arlecchino in Italian), an instantly recognisable costume from the comedy of art belonging to a wholly Italian culture and tradition.

Linearity and proportion of forms

A porphyry texture designed for a flamed surface; a versatile finish created for exteriors, but increasingly used in interiors where slip resistant ratings above R11 are called for.

Possible applications: small covered areas and window sills, bar and worktops, shower walls and trays, decorative panels and multi-textures on walls or floors, thresholds, indoor stair risers, decorative borders and patterns, pool edges.

Installation of the Arlecchino texture on a flamed surface.

“Linea Mia porphyry texture”

From the simple stroke of a pen to the most elaborate, creative inlay, and the ultimate precision of a geometric grid pattern, Linea Mia expresses emotions on the surface for graphic formulas with full HD resolution where the quality of detail is enhanced by being impressed in stone. Sinuous curves for a closer fit. A brighter, more colourful alternative. And a unique, instantly recognisable design. The Linea Mia texture is all this and much more.
CIPT Italporphyry and studio VLCS of Viviana Lunelli are always on hand to create solutions that bring together personal taste and a unique and exclusive result.

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