Piazza Italia

Beauty on display

The square has always been the place for meeting and exchange where culture, history, symbols and traditions intertwine. And this is particularly true in Italy where the square still plays a privileged role in preserving the genetic heritage of the community to represent their social life. The Italporphyry Piazza Italia line with porphyry cubes ovelapping arcs respects the classic models and provides a versatile choice of colours, sizes and building solutions with the aim of recalling the historical union between the porphyry cube, the square and the “Bel Paese”, thus guaranteeing a perfect symbiosis between aesthetics, durability, elegance and above all visual pleasure.

Our creations

Scheda Tecnica

The Piazza Italia Line includes Trentino porphyry cubes in standard sizes, in different colors, with natural surface, split sides, laying in overlapping arcs, this is the paving stone typically made in Italy for residential, road and pedestrian traffic and heavy.

Petrographic name Rhyolitic ignimbrite
Colour Non-dominant variable-colour grades: grey, red, red-violet and rust or mixed colours
Main processing Cubes obtained by mechanical splitting of stratified material having a natural quarry plane, with various thicknesses
40/60 from 40 to 60 100 Pedestrian traffic
Very limited vehicle traffic
from 90 to 100
60/80 from 55 to 80 from 135 to 145 Light vehicle traffic from 120 to 140
80/100 from 75 to 110 form 180 to 190 Heavy vehicles from 150 to 170
100/120 from 100 to 130 from 220 to 250 Heavy vehicles
Urban fornishing
from 180 to 200
120/140 from 120 to 150 from 280 to 300 Heavy vehicles
Urban fornishing
from 200 to 220
from 40 to 60 100 Pedestrian traffic
Very limited vehicle traffic
from 90 to 100