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Today we represent the undisputed point of reference regarding Italian porphyry and can cope with any order. We are determined to strongly safeguard our enviable tradition to process and lay the stone. Our experience belongs to each of our founders, but also and above all to all our workers. This is what makes us unique all over the world. When founding Italporphyry – CIPT (Consorzio Italiano Porfido del Trentino – Italian Porphyry Consortium of Trentino), all the major companies of the sector have joined together with one mission: to put aside any individualistic logic that is very common in the mountain regions and join together in a single production business that strongly favours quality, from extraction to installation. We address all those who appreciate the elegance, durability and shades of our material, besides our craftsmanship that, same as each artwork, makes it unique and tailor-made each laying and construction.

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We do our job with passion and we are in porphyry business for generations

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Italporphyry at MARMOMAC 2022

Italporphyry at MARMOMAC 2022

Marmomac Verona has always been the main reference for the world market of natural stone.This important exhibition is dedicated to the entire production chain of stone materials.Mamomac is considered a privileged place for innovation, training, and professional...

Porphyry setts installation – part 1

Porphyry setts installation – part 1

Traditional opening in overlapping setts arcs: space of work with levelling ropes; “guide” setts; staggered distribution of key stones setts; central sett; shaped wedges elements.

Our porphyry: “naturally flat”

Our porphyry: “naturally flat”

Today, water with "light natural effervescence" is definitely cool! What about our "naturally flat" porphyry, rough enough to make it perfectly non-slip?

Stone floors: porphyry from Trentino, yesterday and today

Stone floors: porphyry from Trentino, yesterday and today Andrea Angheben – Director of C.I.P.T. Consorzio Italiano Porfido del Trentino - Italporphyry 17/11/2019   From Brenner to Santa Maria di Leuca, the virtual journey of a stone sett It is a fact that porphyry...



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