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Today we represent the undisputed point of reference regarding Italian porphyry and can cope with any order. We are determined to strongly safeguard our enviable tradition to process and lay the stone. Our experience belongs to each of our founders, but also and above all to all our workers. This is what makes us unique all over the world. When founding Italporphyry – CIPT (Consorzio Italiano Porfido del Trentino – Italian Porphyry Consortium of Trentino), all the major companies of the sector have joined together with one mission: to put aside any individualistic logic that is very common in the mountain regions and join together in a single production business that strongly favours quality, from extraction to installation. We address all those who appreciate the elegance, durability and shades of our material, besides our craftsmanship that, same as each artwork, makes it unique and tailor-made each laying and construction.

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We do our job with passion and we are in porphyry business for generations

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Xiamen Stone Fair 2019

The Xiamen Stone Fair reaches this year its nineteenth edition. The exhibition is among the most important events in the world of the stone industry. The exhibition space covers 180.000 square meters and hosts 2.000 exhibitors from 56 countries. It will host pavilions...

The Mormon Temple in Rome

The Mormon Temple of Rome opens to the public The Mormon Temple of Rome after more than eight years from the beginning of construction,  finally opens to the public. A religious building built by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with its headquarters...

Xiamen 2018

Finally time has come to meet in Xiamen Stone Fair this year too! The 18th edition of the Xiamen Stone Fair will be held from 6th to 9th March 2018. We will participate as last year by presenting our product range of Porphyry from Trentino. You’ll find our booth in...

Marmomac 2017

Here we are again, ready to take part in the  Marmomac 2017 fair, which will take place in Verona on September 27th to 30th 2017. The world’s leading international exhibition for stone industry companies boasts remarkable numbers: more than 67,000 visitors,...

Xiamen Stone Fair 2017: The stone fair in China

The 17° Xiamen Stone Fair is coming. It will take place in Xiamen China from March 6th to 9th 2017. It is a prestigious fair that creates business opportunities and will increase the connections among the whole global stone industry. The World Stone Congress at Xiamen...

Marmomacc 2016

Marmomacc 2016, the leader world event for marble sector is getting near. Every year, the exhibiting firms are in a state of ferment over the introduction of their companies with new products, new technologies and captivating working processes, attracting the...

Xiamen Stone Fair 2016

Just like last year we are ready to leave Italy to reach Xiamen. We will attend the Xiamen Stone Fair, organized by Jinhongxin Exhibition Co. Ltd This Fair will take place at XICEC, The Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. It’s now  the 16th...

Marmomacc fair 2015 – The Italian Stone Theatre

This is Marmomacc 2015 article. Clic here if you are interested in the piece of  Marmomacc 2016. Marmomacc 2015: The fair celebrates its 50th anniversary in its usual location of Veronafiere from 30th September to 3rd October with many special and unprecedented...

Dubai – Middle East Stone Fair

We are ready to leave Italy to reach Dubai. We will be present at the Dubai World Trade Center  for the International fair  Middle East Stone,  May 18  –  21. It is a big international exhibition of marbles , ceramics, natural stones such as porphyry and...

Xiamen Stone Fair 2015

            After our presence in these exhibitions, Marmomacc in September in Verona, Italy, The Big 5 in November in Dubai and Bau Fair in January in Munich, now it is time for the Chinese fair in Xiamen: the Xiamen International Stone...



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