A casual order yet elegant and researched

This floor consists of irregular slabs with a large size. Those who love the stone can instinctively think of some large geo-political maps that we all can read and interpret even since we were children. The only unmistakable difference is that in geography the boundaries between countries and continents are mainly drawn according to nature and their orography and only to a minor extent by man. While with the Italporphyry Opera line with porphyry irregular giant slabs, it is man that proudly selects the shapes, decides the mixtures, evaluates the combination of colours and materials, sets the boundaries and creates the surface… coplanar, beautiful and rewarding.

Technical data sheet porphyry irregular giant slabs

The Opera Line includes irregular polygonal slabs in Trentino porphyry, in giant type, natural surface, perfect for gardens, gazebos, and solutions for residential and ornamental prestige floors.
Petrographic name Rhyolitic ignimbrite
Colour Non-dominant variable-colour grades: grey, red, red-violet and rust or mixed colours
Main processing Irregular slabs obtained by cleavage of stratified material having a natural quarry plane, with variable thickness and irregular polygonal form
Giant irregular slabs
(thin type)
from 20 to 40 from 70 to 40 Pedestrian traffic
Very limited vehicle traffic
from 90 to 100
Giant irregular slabs from 30 to 70 from 100 to 110 Pedestrian traffic
Light limited vehicle traffic
from 100 to 120