Real art is more thank a flick

The English definition “crazy paving” refers to stone slabs with an irregular polygonal shape that purely results from natural chance. But what is not fortuitous at all in the Italporphyry Stradivari line with porphyry irregular standard slabs is the task of the layer that has to shape, remodel and skilfully combine one element with the other, thus having the unmissable opportunity to create a unique paving with a very high value added. The outcome can be simply defined as “an organised disorder with a perfect balance” where apparently.

Technical data sheet irregular standard slabs

Petrographic name Rhyolitic ignimbrite
Colour Non-dominant variable-colour grades: grey, red, red-violet and rust or mixed colours
Main processing Irregular slabs obtained by cleavage of stratified material having a natural quarry plane, with variable thickness and irregular polygonal form
Thin irregular slabs from 10 to 30 from 60 to 70 Pedestrian traffic from 60 to 70
Normal irregular slabs form 20 to 50 from 85 to 90 Pedestrian traffic
Very limited vehicle traffic
from 90 to 100