A large group created to enhance the beauty of italian porphyry

A stone for the world

Just a few decades were necessary to distribute our porphyry to every corner in Europe. Given their well-established tradition and the close link between man and material, as well as between father and son, our layers have carried out some prestigious works all over the continent, thus easily becoming very successful even in the design world.
Following the globalisation process, the increased international economic relations and the liberalisation of trade taken place at the beginning of the millennium, our identity has become stronger and stronger. It came easy to us to bring out the peculiarities of our territory oriented towards the respect for local values as well as the enhancement of the skills and know-how proven by the products, without focusing only on aspects such as price and quantity.

A very elegant story

Saying that porphyry is part of our DNA is not rhetorical at all. In fact, besides being a hard stone difficult to extract, “our” porphyry is first and foremost the stone that has shaped our territory and made it sometimes inaccessible and unsuitable for the most typical primary activity, that is agriculture. In fact, it is not a coincidence that around here they talk about “heroic viticulture” as it is carried out by hand on steep slopes. Our people are devoted to work and effort: they have always endured to face the challenges set by nature with tenacity and perseverance.
One of the hardest trials of the past was certainly the shift from farmers to quarrymen and then to skilled stone layers. Ever since the 1920s, our grandparents first, and our fathers later on, have realised that this stratified and resistant material provided some peculiarities that made porphyry just perfect to take advantage of the new European trend to use it to pave roads, squares and yards.

Our team

We do our job with passion and have been in this business for generations.

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